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Whilst we would like you to book your Perfect Spanish Holiday with us we understand that sitting at home on a wet day dreaming of the sun you might not be able to distinguish between one holiday property and another.  So, we would like to help you.  Before you book- and with whomever you book – please read the following.  It really will be time well spent.

Our house was our home for two years.  We lived in Spain and our children went to school there.  We understand Spain and we know what is important for your perfect family holiday.  We would like to stress that our house is PERFECT for families.  Yes it could take 8 men or women on a stag or hen party but families are our market.



Do you really want to haul children’s toys/baby items downstairs to the pool/garden?

Do you really want to tolerate footsteps and noise from the apartment above you?

Do you really want to have to come in from the pool when one of your children needs a nap?

Do you really want to go back inside to make a cup of tea or to take a beer from the fridge?

If you do not want to do these things then do NOT book an apartment.

Ok, so much for apartments & Villas but what about a house?

What is a house as opposed to a villa?  A house is typically on a development with other properties.  It will have shared communal gardens and pool(s).  Other children will probably be living/holidaying in the development.

A house has the benefits of a villa but usually without the isolation.

Q. What makes our house special?

A. Location, attention to detail and the owners’ philosophy

Q. Where is Casa de los limones & why is it different?

A. Read on to find out more.



House, private villa or apartment?

With so many properties on the internet and so many ‘clever’ camera angles it is easy to be persuaded to book an inappropriate property.  If you have children then please give consideration to these points.

Private Villa:

This is a good idea but…….

Do you really want the cost of renting a large villa?

Do you really want to be isolated and have to drive a long way to shops/restaurants?

Many villas have small private pools.  Is this what you want?

How will you entertain your children in the isolation of your villa?

If you cannot answer these points to your satisfaction then do NOT book a villa


Whilst you can book anywhere from Barcelona to Cadiz what is best depends upon your requirements.  If you want main land Spain and you want the best chance of sun with the greatest choice of flights then there is only one place – the 300 sunny days a year Costa del Sol.  You can take flights from numerous airports to Malaga or Gibraltar.

Our house, is in particularly attractive and popular part of the coast.  It is just west of Marbella (40 mins by car along the coast from both Malaga and Gibraltar).  It is literally about a 10 min brisk walk into the hugely glamorous town of harbour town of Puerto Banus and the same distance from the charming Spanish town of San Pedro de Alcantara.

Our house is just 500m from the sea and a short walk to the nearest supermarket/bars/restaurants etc but the really important point is that it is really quiet. No construction cranes, noisy bars, revelers in the street that you might experience in other areas.  Where we are is in a sought after part of the coast.  Be careful about location, some developments might be a long way from shops and the beach. Some are even in Spanish ghost towns. Also be wary of finding yourself in the middle of ‘Britsville’- the intensely built up parts of the coast where – it can feel quite tacky in these parts.

In our house, you can be in the heart of it all but still have a quality and wonderfully relaxing experience of being in your own private garden on a beautiful  development just a 5 minute walk to the sea.

Our house offers you everything you could want.  The gated development has absolutely beautiful sub tropical gardens.It also has three fenced adult swimming pools (19m long and 2.5m deep) and two children’s paddling pools.  Additionally our house has its own private garden.